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Guest Speaker

Julie will empower and educate your group. Her passion is to increase awareness of ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. Julie speaks to community groups, educators and professional groups. Presentations can be adapted for your group. 

Learn the skills your student needs to live successfully away from home and explore post-secondary options.

Empowering Students for Independent Living
Executive Function Skills are the foundation for understanding attention issues. This presentation will enable you to have a greater understanding of ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. Additionally, we will discuss various strategies to strengthen and support Executive Function skills.   
What are Executive Function Skills?

Learn what planner is best for you and how to consistently and effectively use it. In addition to exploring planner styles, we will discuss tools and strategies to plan and prioritize your time. This presentation can be geared for adults or students with or without ADHD.

It’s About Time

If you or a loved one have ADHD, you know that each day can be full of organizing challenges. Traditional organizing systems often don’t work for people with ADHD. This presentation offers simple and easy to maintain ADHD-friendly organizing solutions. 

ADHD Friendly Organizing Strategies for Home and Life

Already Working Together?

Here are some materials you might find helpful. 

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