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Organizing for a Successful School Year

It’s never too early to begin teaching our kids organizing skills that they will use the rest of their lives. A common area of frustration is with their school work. Not only are school performance and self esteem affected by poor organization skills but the home environment can be negatively impacted as well. I highly recommend the book “The Organized Student” by Donna Goldberg. She is an expert in the field of Student Organizing and I refer to her advice often when working with parents and students. One solution to keep student's papers organized the desk top file box.

Desk top file box--Jr. high and high school students should have a desk top file in which they organize and store papers they may need to refer to as the school year progresses. For this project, you’ll need a desk top file box, 10-12 hanging file folders-preferably in various colors and plastic tabs for labels.

  • Label hanging files for each subject and keep this somewhat generic so that you can use the same file year to year. For example, instead of labeling “Geometry” or “Algebra”, label “Math”.

  • File papers that will help your student study for midterms, finals and end-of-year exams or any upcoming or current projects.

  • Add a school calendar to the front of the box so your student can see upcoming test days, school holidays,etc.

  • Keep this file box near where your student does his homework.

  • Include files for the student’s extra-curricular activities. This is great practice for your student to begin taking responsibility for their activities.

As with most other organizing projects, setting up the file box is easy. It’s maintaining the new systems that can be difficult. It takes at least a month for a new habit to be formed. Be consistent and set the same day/time each week to have your student go through his back pack and file what is to be kept long-term and toss the rest.

One benefit of an organized paper filing system is a lighter load in student's backpack. Another benefit is teaching students the lifelong value of being organized and being responsible for their things. Your student will use these organizing skills in all aspects of their future lives.

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