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How Much Does Student Coaching Cost?

I am asked this question frequently. A very fair question, of course. I’m happy to share information about my fees but what I would like to ask in return is "What is the cost of NOT coaching?” Let’s talk about a few points to consider when inquiring about student coaching.

1. Tuition - This is expensive no matter how you slice it. Retaking classes due to low grades becomes an added financial burden especially if it requires that the student’s graduation is delayed.

2. Life Skills - Coaches are teaching students skills such as time management that they will be able to apply over and over again throughout their lifetime. The purpose of coaching is to help students find solutions that work for them in terms of managing symptoms of ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. Think of student coaching as a college class that provides skills they will use the rest of their lives.

3. Relationships - Consider the value of the parent/student relationship. The relationship can be compromised if the parent is in the position of constantly nagging. Coaches don’t nag nor are we a second parent, but we do provide accountability between meetings. I believe that student struggles impact the whole family so I give parents the option to meet with me once per month via video or phone call. Due to confidentiality I am not able to share what is discussed during student sessions but I am happy to answer parent questions and provide general ADHD knowledge so parents can best support their student.

4. Self-esteem - This can be a vicious cycle. When students grades sink so does their self esteem. When self-esteem is low, they don’t feel like studying, project planning, or getting out of bed to attend class. Coaching teaches students how to study, plan, organize and prioritize. When students improve these skills, grades go up and so does their motivation and self esteem.

5. Mental health - It’s very common for people with ADHD/Executive Function Disorder to have co-existing mental health or learning issues. Coaches are an extra set of eyes and will refer students to other professionals if there is any concern of an untreated issue.

If your student is struggling, I encourage you to consider coaching. During stressful times that we are in currently, coaching can be the extra support that’s needed to get through the semester. Coaching isn’t the magic bullet but could be the missing link along with a host of other supports such as tutoring, accommodations, medication.

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