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Second Semester Success Strategies

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

*Set Mini Goals - Sometimes getting started is half the battle. Set a timer to work on an assignment for five minutes. Much of the time, that will propel you to continue working.

*Pay attention to your internal clock - Know when you work your best and schedule your toughest tasks for that timeframe.

*Establish Routines - Build homework time into the schedule. Treat it as an obligation just like going to class. If you don’t have impending assignments, use the dedicated time slot to review notes and readings so you won’t be cramming before the next test.

*Pair pleasant with unpleasant - Listen to music, have a yummy snack nearby, study with a friend.

*Create Accountability - Set a time to meet up with a classmate to study. An ADHD Coach also provides accountability.

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