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Unique Gift Ideas for Adults and Children with ADHD

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Move Forward Gift

1. Soft Glow Timer - Timers are essential to stay on task but this timer is different. The light simply goes off when the time is up. There are no buzzers or bells so it’s less likely to induce anxiety or disturb roommates. It also doubles as a night light.

2. Weighted Apparel - Weighted blankets help with anxiety, autism, sensory processing disorders, ADHD and insomnia. Similarly, weighted clothing can produce the same positive results. This vest has interior pockets to hold sensory items or personal belongings.

3. Fidgets - This website has lots of discreet, quiet, fidget options for all ages including jewelry for men and women.

4. Watchminder - Smart watches can be distracting not to mention pricey. The sole function of Watchminder is to cue you throughout your day (up to 30 daily reminders).

5. Teen Talk - This conversational card game is great for building social skills. Fun for the whole family and you get to build better relationships with your kids as you play.

6. Hourglass Sand Timer - Decorative and functional five and thirty minute timers. This two piece set can be used in conjunction to measure 30 minutes of productivity with a five minute break.

7. Aqua Notes Water Proof Notepad - Sometimes the best thinking occurs in the shower. Don’t lose those creative thoughts! Jot them down on this water proof notepad.

8. Headspace or Calm Subscription - Both of these apps provide short guided meditations. Mindfulness and meditation not only reduce stress immediately but have been proven to improve focus and sleep quality.

9. Epsom Salts Bath Soak - While attending a conference recently, I was surprised to learn that bathing in epsom salts can reduce anxiety and hyperactivity. Epsom salts are high in magnesium which has a calming effect on body and mind.

10. Noise Canceling Headphones - Perfect for students and adults! Noise canceling head phones help minimize noise distractions while trying to work. Listen to focus music to boost focus. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts to keep your brain engaged when performing monotonous tasks.

**Move Forward With ADHD does not endorse the above products or brands. The links are simply an example of offerings.

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