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Back to School Transition Tips

1) Start now! Get students into a good bedtime routine by adjusting sleep/wake schedules 15 minutes earlier each day.

2) Designate a cabinet or shelf to store ALL school supplies. Stock up on spirals, notebook paper, poster board, pencils and printer ink to avoid unplanned trips to the store throughout the school year.

3) If your student has ADHD or other issues that can make learning challenging, reach out to teachers before school starts. Review IEP and 504 plan at this time too.

4) Think about what worked/didn't work last school year. Re-assess and change routines so that your student has the greatest chance for a successful school year.

5) Set up a launch area where back-packs, lunch kits, music instruments and athletic gear are kept so students can easily grab everything they need on their way out the door.

6) Discuss any concerns your student may have about the new school year. Arrange an extra tour of the school if this will help ease anxiety.

7) Start entering school activities, holidays and extra-curricular dates on a calendar that all family members can access. Some families prefer paper calendars and others prefer digital calendars such as iCal or Google Calendar.

8) Sit down with your student to determine academic and personal goals for the upcoming school year. Make goals attainable and limit to no more than five. Be sure to put the goals in writing! A goal not written is only a wish!

9) Plan, prepare and freeze meals ahead especially for the first week of school. One less thing to be concerned with during this stressful week.

10) Create a family binder to include school calendar, daily schedule, locker combinations and copy of school/athletic physical.

Please share tips and strategies that have worked for your family in the comment box below.

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