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It's About Time!

Time is the most valuable resource we have. Poor time management results in lower academic achievement and higher levels of stress. Time gets away from us. We find that we don't have time for things that are important. We say "I don't have time" but what we really mean is "I'm choosing to use my time differently". Time management is about making choices about how we use our limited time. The strategies below are geared toward students but the basic concepts can apply to all of us.

1)Use a PLANNER - Paper or digital, a week view grid with 15 minute increments is best. The planner is not just a to-do list for upcoming assignments. Schedule homework/study time, extra-curricular activities and commute time. Many assignments take longer than expected so build in a "cushion" of at least 15-30 minutes.

2)Write a daily TO-DO LIST - Refer to your planner. Include things that need to be done at school such as making up a test or speaking with a teacher. Also include after school tasks.

3)Take advantage of SMALL BITS OF TIME - Get some reading done on the bus. Look over notes before class begins. Prioritize and plan homework while waiting for your ride home.

4)SAY NO! - There's a lot of pressure to do well academically, be involved in a service organization, hold down a part-time job and spend time with friends. Think of your calendar as a container with limited space. Let's use your backpack as an example. Let's say you need to take a large book to school one day and your backpack is busting at the seams. You will need to remove something from the backpack to make room for the book. The same idea applies to your calendar. If you're maxed out on time, you will have to say no to something if you want to add another activity to your schedule.

5)TAKE SHORT BREAKS - People with ADHD often have difficulty focusing for long periods of time. Regular breaks actually increase productivity. Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes or so. Set a timer so you can get back to work. Use break time to check your phone or get a quick snack.

What works for you? Please leave your tips below.

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