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Top 7 Summer Activities to do with Your ADHD Child

Those lazy days of summer are almost here! Although it's nice to have a break from the structure of the school year, schedule and routine are very important for kids with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. Summer is a great time to learn new habits and work on lagging executive function skills.

Studies show when kids don't exercise their brains during the summer, they can lose up to two months of valuable knowledge they've worked so hard to learn. Students may also lose executive function skills used to manage their ADHD if not practiced during the summer. Take a look at the tips below for ideas on how to incorporate fun, skill-building activities into your summer routine.

- Teach your kids life skills such as doing their own laundry or cooking simple meals.

- Have your child plan an activity such as organize a trip to the museum including drive time, directions and admission cost. Remember that no set of plans goes perfectly. Make the best of the things that went well and chalk the rest up to a good learning experience!

- Get physical! Physical activity helps elevate brain chemicals and burn off some energy so schedule some fun activity each day.

- Learn a new hobby. Ideas include martial arts, dance or art lessons.

- Organize kids bedrooms together. Summer is a perfect time to sort through outgrown clothing, school papers, toys and keepsakes. This activity will reinforce organizational skills. Re-do the homework area with fresh school supplies.

- Play board games. Chess and Blokus teach strategy skills. Concentration is great for working memory skills.

- Read every day! Ask English Literature teachers for the reading list for the upcoming year to get a jump start.

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