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7 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

1) Journal - Use a traditional paper journal or an app on your phone.

2) Volunteer - Nothing makes a person more appreciative and grateful than volunteering for those in need.

3) Gratitude Jar - Keep slips of paper nearby and place in an area accessible to all family members. Reading through these regularly will brighten your mood.

4) Dinner Time - Ask each person one thing they are grateful for.

5) Go for a walk - Make a game of it! Think of five things to be thankful for before your get to the next intersection.

6) Say thank you to others as often as you can.

7) Download an app - There are a multitude of gratitude journal apps for your devices so you can be grateful on the go!

This is a great time of year to implement some of these gratitude strategies into your life but don't end this challenge with the Thanksgiving holiday. Practice gratitude all year round and see how it changes your life!

How has gratitude enhanced your life? Please leave your comments below.

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