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20 Terrific Gift Ideas for All Ages with ADHD

1. Head phones - Perfect for students and adults! Noise canceling head phones help minimize noise distractions while trying to work. Listen to focus music to boost focus. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts to keep your brain engaged when performing monotonous tasks.

2. Focus music - A Spotify subscription or music designed to work with binaural beats in the brain.

3. Fidgets - Of course there’s the fidget spinner but fidgets can also be a piece of jewelry made especially for fidgeting, Thinking Putty, and pencil toppers.

4. Board games - Most games require players to take turns, follow directions and plan strategies. Some good choices are Jenga, Chess, Distraction or Set.

5. Tile - Bluetooth tracker helps you keep track of keys, wallet and just about anything that is frequently misplaced.

6. Smart watch - This is a pricey gift but can be invaluable for daily reminders and alarms to stay on schedule.

7. Moving alarm clock - If getting up out of bed is next to impossible Clocky will get your sleep head up and moving.

8. Shower clock - No more losing track of time while in the shower.

9. Smart pen - Livescribe records the audio as you take handwritten notes and syncs the notes to the audio for replay later.

10. Chewing gum - A good stocking stuffer! It works in the same way as a fidget toy to help with focus.

11. Running shoes, gym membership, ping pong table, bike, scooter - Exercise is great for our brains! Some studies show that 30 minutes of cardio are equal to four hours of ADHD medication.

12. Music lessons, keyboard, guitar - Music is rhythm and rhythm provides structure to the brain increasing dopamine levels.

13. Martial arts lessons - A good alternative to team sports that requires social intelligence and concentration. Also a great confidence builder!

14. Aqua Notes - For those that come up with their best ideas while in the shower.

15. NightWave - Great for those that have difficulty falling asleep.

16. Computer games - Luminosity or other brain training games

17. Massage gift card - Adults with ADHD need to relax and recharge.

18. Adult coloring books - Relaxing and almost meditative.

19. Stocking stuffer ideas - Protein snacks such as beef jerky or nuts.

20. Liquid Timer - Soothing to watch bubbles float down. Or use to time a task such a teeth brushing.

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