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What do you LOVE about ADHD?

February is the season for love so I recently asked some of my clients what they LOVE about having ADHD/ADD. ADHD is often thought of with negative connotations but I was pleasantly surprised when most were able to answer my question immediately. It's fantastic that they see the advantages of what some people think is a disability. Take a look at their answers.

  • “I rarely get bored. It’s easy to entertain myself with my thoughts.”

  • “I like to make people laugh with my random thoughts.”

  • “I can think outside the box."

  • “ADHD is a gift, a strength. I am an encouragement to others to create.”

  • “I can see a vision of where something is going. I see the big picture.”

  • “I love that I can multi-task.”

  • “I have a ton of energy.”

  • “I can go with the flow…spontaneous.”

  • “Hyper-focus…I can tune distractions out and get a lot of work done.”

  • “I have great ideas and am a deep thinker.”

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