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10 Survival Strategies for ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month! Chances are you or someone you know has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Approximately 9% of the population has ADHD.

Some people believe that ADHD is over-diagnosed or more prevalent now than in years past. I don't agree! The difference is we now have a name for it. When I was a child, kids were labeled "spacey" or "hyper". These kids probably had undiagnosed ADHD. Today, we have more research, knowledge and sophisticated diagnostic tools. This is not to say that some people are mis-diagnosed but ADHD has always been with us.

In honor of ADHD Awareness Month, I've put together a list of 10 Survival Tips and Strategies. I would love to know what works for you. Leave your comments below.

1) Make use of timers and alarms - Set a timer to get out the door on time. To avoid hyper-focus or distraction, use an alarm to go off at regular intervals to keep you aware of how much time is passing.

2) De-clutter - Employ the One-in/One-out Rule. When you bring home something new, get rid of a similar item. For example, if you purchase a new sweater, donate the shirt that has not been worn in years.

3) Have a home for EVERYTHING - This includes every piece of paper in the stack on your counter.

4) Organize and store like items together - Cords and cables for electronics, travel items, cleaning supplies, etc.

5) Routines are key - Write out routines for getting ready in the morning, cleaning up after dinner, preparing for the week. Bedtime routines are essential for a healthy sleep cycle for kids and adults.

6) Keep lists on your phone or in a planner - Take a picture of your paper list so you have it with you.

7) A planner is a must - Paper or digital. A week view is preferable with 30 minute increments. Schedule everything including exercise, errands, commute time and most importantly...time to organize your week!

8) Write your to-do list the night before - No more than three priorities for the day. Schedule these in your planner.

9) Make time to plan and organize - Ideally daily but at least weekly, sort through paperwork that has piled up, update calendar, clean out purses and backpacks.

10) Can't get started? - Plan to reward yourself with a cup of tea or reading a magazine when you have completed the task.

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